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    Includes Expert Content
    Excessive sweat
    Extremespin posted:
    I create a puddle of sweat around my bike when I do spinning. Should I be concerned ?
    Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
    You would be concerned if you weren't sweating. Sweating cools off our body and is very important. The best advice I have is to carry a towel with you if they don't provide one, and if there's a fan nearby you could use that. And make sure to stay hydrated. You can drink while you're spinning, but definitely before and after. You can weigh yourself before and after to see how much weight you lose, and then replace at least that, and more. A liter of water weighs 2.25 pounds.
    wink1026 responded:
    I have had the same problem all my life, 62yrs. Just put in what you let out.
    Spin2much responded:
    Extreme Spin IS NOT:
    If its Spinning it should be a cycling experience ..if its "extreme" its not spinning.
    Spinning was created to be a simulated outdoor cycling exercise.
    It may be intense with respect to the course challenge ie:steep hill climbs employing heavy resistance and or breakaway flats.

    Wherever you're riding/ you're not spinning if its called're doing some kind of a workout likely threatening your knees, back and hips ...sweating is the least of your worries.
    Find another studio that offers Spinning as it is designed. You'll sweat and workout in safety...under the supervision of someone trained in roper biomechanics of cycling.
    lion05 replied to wink1026's response:
    have had the problem all my life as well but i only sweat from my face, and nothing i do stops it, which is not very nice as i like to wear makeup to work and try and look nice and by lunchtime i look like i have been dragged thru the desert lol
    no other place sweats on my body like my face, i drink plenty of water, have reasonable nutrition and nothing works. i have been to my gp and he gave me tablets that did not do a thing.
    all summer and all winter all year around i always have a big red sweaty face. i will keep trying to work it all out and if i do i will post it on here. thankyou for thus site its great. wendy.
    Extremespin replied to Spin2much's response:
    You're missing the point. extrmespin is just a handle not the spinn program.
    Extremespin replied to lion05's response:
    I seem to be sweating on the face mostly, but actually the whole body sweats. I shave my head every morning, so sweat from my head just comes across my face like I'm having a shower.

    I take a lot water before and 12 hours thereafter and that seems to keep me well. I have also weighted myself before and after and I was amazed by by a 2lb drop in 60 minutes. Off course I put all back when I drink the water.

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