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Is this vascularity? Or should I be concerned
marbles84 posted:
Hi, all. This is my first post on these forums, so please let me know if this question is in the wrong place! Anyway...
I have recently lost about 50 lbs (it took me 6 years to put it on, and only about 6 months to take it off with diet/exercise)
Recently, I have really upped my exercise routine because now that I'm at my goal weight, I am trying to attain a better level of fittness. I am a woman, I do yoga about 4 times a week, cardio about 4 times a week, and I do some light resistant training circuits a few times a week, and a "body pump" class once a week. I can definitely tell I am building muscle mass, but recently I have been noticing the veins in my hands are starting to become more prominant, and I can actually feel/see the veins in my left hand move around. This is the only part of my body where my veins are showing, and I am by no means underweight or overtraining my muscles. I have tried to do some research on the internet, but it seems like everything I search about this leads to varicose veins, which is highly unlikely for my situation.
My question for you folks is - have any of you experienced this before? I know it is probably directly related to my exercise regime, but do I need to be concerned with the actual sensation of my veins moving around - could I hurt myself or burst one (I know that sounds dumb, but I am challenged in the department of human anatomy), is there any red flag that this could be something more serious? I consider myself to be in reasonably good shape, I eat pretty well, and aside from having low blood pressure (which my doctor has told me is really not something I need to be concerned about or treat at the time) - I have no health issues that I am aware of. If anyone has experienced this or knows of what this could possibly be - should I call my doctor, or is it something that will pass? Thanks for your time!
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:

Hi Marbles,

This is common when someone starts lifting weights. Look around the gym, you'll see it. It's most likely the hypertrophy in the muscles in the hand making veins more prominent. If it starts to hurt, however, then you need to get it evaluated by a doctor. You can also check out the Sports Medicine Community at and see if they have anything to add.

Good luck!
balke responded:
It's right that when someone starts lifting weights,you just need suitable exercises and healthy diet, has some good advice,you may have a look.

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