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Getting in shape
GdgxGfddd posted:
I am a 52 year old male. Dont look overweight but could lose a few lbs and my body weight percentage is too high. Used to stay in shape thru sports but now get short of breath so soon I can't do it. Have tried personal trainer but they always make me do weight lifting which makes me nauseated and can't walk for 3 days, a real motivator to come back. HATE weight lifting. I either do treadmill or exercise bike 30 minutes 3 times per week and eat relatively healthy but not making any progress at all. Any suggestions for fun workouts, preferably sports related that I can do to get my wind back and lower my body fat/trim my waistline 2 or 3 inches.
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:

1) Try interval training. It's not necessarily fun if you push, but it will get you in shape fast and then you would be in shape to do some of the activities that might be fun like hiking, or a sports like tennis or basketball or volleyball.

2) You ought to try another trainer and explain your concerns. You could even sign on for 30-minute sessions instead of 60-minute. If the trainer won't do that, look for one who will. Building muscle is going to help you burn fat, so it's to your advantage to do it.

I also suggest you measure body composition (the amount of fat and muscle you have.) You can monitor your body fat by using a bioelectric impedance (BIA) scale. You can buy a BIA scale for around $45. Check and for more information.
JasonNicholson responded:
Have you thought about listing all of the activities that you do like? If you find something that you like, perhaps you can modify it to get my physical activity in and that will help you enjoy your workouts more. So, if you like to golf, stop riding and start walking. You can find softball, basketball or even flag football leagues in your area and many times they are supported by the city parks or YMCA, so they are cheap to join. Who knows, you might meet a new friend.

If you do not enjoy weightlifting, then you are less likely to workout if you know the workout involves weightlifting. Do you dislike weightlifting because of the soreness that follows? Or the nausea during? You may be lifting too heavy of a weight and moving from one exercise to the next too soon for your fitness level. I love using exercise bands, because you can control the resistance and you have less chance of injury. Maybe try that as well. I can recommend some good ones if that interests you.

For the most part to sum it up, try to find something that you can enjoy. I prefer to workout at home then going to a gym, so that works for me. Some people feel they need the gym environment to push them to workout. Try a few things, look around and see what works best for you. Good luck and have fun getting fit!
Ridemontana replied to JasonNicholson's response:
I would recommend doing something outside. Gym workouts are the most boring, monotonous form of exercise. The view never changes, and there is nothing to take your mind off the pain. Try running, hiking, biking, even brisk walking. You will lose the most weight doing aerobic activities for 30 minutes plus, 3 days a week or more.
brunosbud replied to JasonNicholson's response:
Agreed. Do something fun. Its never a mistake to pick fun.

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