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The Most Important Reason for Exercise
brunosbud posted:
Bowel Movement...

One of my closest and dearest friends lost her life to colon cancer, last month. One of the most serious problems for seniors is constipation. People have this idea that constipation is about not drinking enough water and not eating enough fiber. It is, but that's only half the story...

"(when you walk, run, do jumping jacks) the G force (gravitational force) at the top of the bounce is eliminated and the body becomes weightless for a fraction of a second. At the bottom of the bounce when you touch the mat the G force suddenly doubles over what is ordinary gravity on earth and internal organs are put under pressure. Their cellular stimulation is increased accordingly so waste materials within cells get squeezed out. The lymphatic system carries waste away to be disposed of through the urinary and other excretory mechanisms. Rebounding makes the body cleaner...The increased G force also puts cell walls under stress causing them to undergo an individual training effect. The aerobics of rebounding brings more oxygen for penetration by osmosis from the blood. Each cell gets the amount of nourishment it requires on which to thrive." The main thing is to provide movement for your stomach area. This provides movement to your colon and helps to move fecal matter through your colon. It strengthens your colon walls and helps to release glutamine that feeds the intestinal cell lining.

Whenever I read a post that says, "I exercise X times per week!...", I think to myself..."Does that mean you only eat X times per week?"

Next to the heart, the colon walls are some of the most vital muscles in the body. .

Colonoscopy were never necessary until families started to own more than one car.

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Water aerobics
Water aerobics does not put the stress on your knees, ankles and/or back. More
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