Fatigue (work-out)
JmTP3 posted:

I work out extremely hard, I do high intensity interval training (track sprints, plyo, and hill sprints), and lift weights. I am also very active in my yard, (weed whacking, push mowing, pulling weeds, mulching). I have a job where I am physically active throughout the day.

About 45 days ago I started doing P90X (I can keep up with Tony Horton), plus my usually lifting weights, and cardio. I knew I was overtraining, but I like the endorphin kick, and I thought I could handle it being that I use to be a college athlete, and that I have worked out hard for years. However, with the P90X I defiantly up my work out load even more.

About 2 weeks ago I started feeling fatigued (45 days into P90X+ my usual work outs), but I thought nothing of it, I just kept pushing through it, then after my "off day" (a hard mile, ten 100 meter sprints, and some tennis) my muscle felt shaky, or jittery, I thought maybe I have not ate enough. But Since then I have had total muscle fatigue, which leads to anxiety. I have had blood work done, and it came out fine. I have even taken 10 days off working out. I feel somewhat better, but not neat what I should feel.

I guess my question is, can you totally fatigue your muscle, and if so how long does it take to recover, or till I will start feeling like myself again? PLEASE HELP!

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Fatigue (work-out)
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