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    Muscle pain still after exercising regular for 6 months
    lovetoride00 posted:
    I am 55yrs old and 6months ago started walking/running on treadmill, hiking or walking at least 1 -2 miles a day or getting in a good walk on treadmill at 3.5mph for 30 mins...
    my ??? is I am still very very sore when I get up in the mornings....I would think after 6months my body would be use to it..I do this everymorning Mon-Fri and then sometimes on sat and sun but usually take sat and sun off...
    anyone got any answers? I am overweight I am 5ft2 and weigh 199lbs. I have lost 30 lbs in this 6 months and just about reversed type 2 diabetes I wonder if my weight is causing all the it just going to take more time???
    if anyone has had similar experience please help...I will continue to walk/hike and treadmill...

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    daily muscle pain after 6months of regular exercise.///overweight but losing and eating healthy..will the pain stop?
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    Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:

    First off, congratulations on the weight loss, getting control over diabetes, and for turning your life around and taking care of yourself. Good for you. You didn't say where the soreness is, nor how long it lasts during the day, nor what resolves it (e.g., does walking or stretching help make it better?), so I can't address that specifically, but if it's in your legs, and there are no medical conditions causing it (thyroid, anemia, vascular, etc), and no diet issues like lack of electrolytes or dehydration, then perhaps it is just a simple case of overtraining or your weight. If it's overtraining then 5-7 days off will solve the problem. If it's not overtraining, and more from your weight, then it could be that you aren't stretching enough, or maybe you're pushing harder as you get more fit and lose more weight. People tend to move more, and push harder, as they lose weight, whether they do it intentionally or not, simply because it's easier to move. Plus, running on a treadmill is a lot different than walking as far as pounding, and so maybe if you recently started to run, or you've recently increased how much of it you do, then that could explain it. And same thing for hiking. If you recently started, or recently increased it, then that could soreness. And hiking up and down hills is bound to make you sore, particularly walking downhill. Of course, proper footwear for these activities is important.

    You ought to measure objectively how much work you are doing. For instance, how far do you go on the treadmill, what speed and elevation, and in what period of time? How much hiking are you doing; how is the terrain (hillier more work and more soreness)? How much walking? If you've been progressively improving on all of these things then it's clear you're doing more work and that might contribute to the soreness.

    To help with soreness: massage, stretching, warm bath, light aerobic activity like a walk and then stretching, and ice after the workout all can help. You can also speak with your doctor about taking an anti-inflammatory to help with it (over the counter is usually good enough). But don't take anything unless your doctor approves it.

    I hope that helps. If you have more questions feel free to post back.

    Take care, Rich
    lovetoride00 responded:
    Thanks Rich for your answers. I think maybe it is just my weight afrom what your saying and it will take time, I just thought by now it would be better. I think I push too hard because some days I eat more and that is when I will exercise more to make up for it and I have found that does not again for your prompt reply and I know I will be back with other ???'s you seem to be a wealth of info.
    Sherrrie responded:
    Hi lovetoride!

    I am having the same problem, (46 yrs old, 5' 2",187lbs) I have been doing zumba, body pump and walking for 2years...I still have extreme fatigue and sore muscles. It took me 2 years to lose about 25lbs. I slacked on exercising for a few months, and started to gain the weight back( 2years to lose it--2months to gain it back!!??) anyway my doc seems to think the pain is from the extra weight on my small frame...I was worried that I may be developing arthritis the soreness is so severe sometimes. The best advice I have and what has been great for me is water arobics and swimming. I have far fewer injuries. I still love Zumba...but just go a little easier at it. Just curious, do you have a small frame and did you gain your weight later in life?
    lovetoride00 replied to Sherrrie's response:
    yes sherrie, i did gain my weight later in life...always pretty small until around 47 , 48 yrs old and then i quit smoking...that is not why i gained the weight but i just started eating and eating and eating....i love my new life now and i try to not look at the scales (hard not to I know) but they will discourage you long as I can tell in my clothes I am losing then that is fine and there are days when I eat more than I should ..not things I shouldnt but bigger servings. I am determined if nothing else to be I eat lots o green leafies and exercise reguarly...if I look at it as how much weight have i lost i get real discourage because for a few months i have been at the same weight..i have lost inches but not lbs..I have found that keeping track of what i eat is a Big help on sites like sparkpeople or myfitnesspal..these are great because they are apps you can get for your phone and you can put in everythin you put in your mouth and at the end of the day it will add all together and subtract your exercise from it and tell you if you eat like this for 5 weeks you will lose x amount of weight..they opened our pool 3 days ago so I am gonna go do laps alot and see if that helps.....hope this helps and keep up the healthy living....
    Rich Weil, MEd, CDE replied to lovetoride00's response:
    You're very welcome lovetoride. Glad I could help. Your questions are always welcome. For your weight loss, you ought to check out one of the diet clubs for support and advice on weight loss

    You can post your diet-related questions to the Diet Community:

    And here's the Food and Fitness Planner

    And the exercise calorie counter:

    Take care,

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