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i need excersises for degenertive stenosois
butterflyinthewind posted:
need to strengthen my core i am told to help with my back issue. not sure wich excersis to do. i cant run anymore or do alot of cardio as i am told.. can you help me?
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
I suggest you speak with your doctor about a referral to physical therapy. A physical therapist can evaluate you properly and prescribe safe exercises, and once that happens, you'll feel confident that you're doing the right thing with proper form. It could take just one session with PT. Without seeing you I would not want to recommend something that might hurt you. Good luck with it. Rich
butterflyinthewind replied to Rich Weil, MEd, CDE's response:
thank you Rich. i was never reffered to a PT. basically given my prognosis and treatment of surgery or excercise. i am in the severe catagory i guess. but i will see if i can get a referral none the less.
thhank you and have a great day
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE replied to butterflyinthewind's response:
You're welcome. PT is going to help a lot. Good luck. Rich