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Weight Tips...PLEASE HELP
tapoutxtgirl posted:
I have been doing TapouT XT workout. I just finished day 13 today. I have been watching what I eat, and trying to eat less in proportion sizes..i haven't lost any weight, actually have seemed to have gained 3 lbs on day 10. Is there any suggestions on what I should do?
tapoutxtgirl responded:
btw i'm 5'4'' 165 lbs. i don't smoke...and don't drink.
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
Hi tapoutxygirl,

The thing about weight loss is that to lose you must burn fewer calories than you consume no matter how much exercise you do. Even if you run a marathon every day you will not lose weight if you consume more calories than you burn. So if you're not losing then you are consuming more calories than you burn, even if you think you're not. In fact, research shows that people can under estimate their calorie intake by as much as 40% to 50%.

Here's the thing to do:

1. Keep up with exercise because it burns calories and gets you fit, and it's the best predictor of keeping your weight off.

2. Write down everything you eat and drink. Estimate the portion sizes as accurately as possible, and get a scale to weigh everything. Do that every day for a week.

3. Then go to the following site to figure out how many calories you are consuming (calorie intake)

4. Now you need to know how many calories you burn with exercise. Do that here

5. And finally, go here to to estimate your resting metabolic rate. Use the "Inactive" activity level for an additional cushion for underestimation of calorie intake. Resting metabolic rate is the number of calories you would burn in a day if you laid in bed all day.

Now, add the metabolic rate to the exercise calories burned. Then subtract that number from your calorie intake. If the number is negative (which is called a "calorie deficit"), then you are burning more calories than you consume and, if your numbers are accurate, you will lose weight.

Here's an example.
1500 calories consumed in a day
1400 calories per day metabolic rate
600 calories burned with exercise

Add 1400 600 = 2000 calories burned in a day
Subtract 2000 from 1500 calories consumed and you get a 500-calorie deficit
A 500-calorie deficit is equal to losing one pound per week because there are 3500 calories in a pound. (500 calorie deficit x 7 days = 3500)

On the other hand, if you burned 1500 calories in a day and consumed 2000, then you would gain a pound a week 2000-1500 = 500 calories. And if you burned 1500 calories and consumed 1500 calories your weight would remain about the same.

Post back if this is confusing for you. At the very least, do step #2. Most people lose weight when they record what they eat.

You can post your diet-related questions to the Diet Community:

Finally, weight loss can be difficult on your own. WebMD has excellent resources to help people lose weight. You can get all the support and expert guidance on your diet that you need by joining in on one of Diet Community and the Weight Loss Clubs. The support and guidance will be extremely helpful to you.

Select one based on the amount weight you want to lose.

You'll find everything you need to lose weight on these sites. And of course, feel free to post back here any time if you have questions. I hope this helps.

Take care, Rich

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