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Single-arm exercises
Tomato05 posted:
To add some variety to my weight training, I am starting to incorporate a few single-arm exercises (chest press, flyes, maybe shoulder press).

Do they really strengthen one's core more so than when doing those exercises with both arms, as the general view is?
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
I'm not aware of any research to show that to be true. There could be some research, but I don't recall seeing it. I like 1-arm rows and I know it feels different, and partly that's because there's more torso rotation than 2-arms, and if there's more torso rotation then the abs and back muscles are working differently. It may not work muscles more than 2-arm exercises, but certainly different. Experiment between 1- and 2-arm exercises and listen to your body. You may not be able to tell if they are working more, but you'll know they are working different, and that's a good thing.