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PostPartum weight not coming off fast enough...
MorningGlory11 posted:
I'm a large framed 5'8 female. had my baby 8 months ago. I've lost 62 pounds so far...but, it's not enough. I'm serving in the military and I've just failed my PT Test bc I couldn't get the waist down enough. I'm four inches over the Maxx. Frustrated as Heck. I work out 6 days a week vigoruously, nursing almost exclusively. She's starting to take to baby food. And eating as healthy as possible but, its not coming off fast enough. I'm so frustrated and embarrassed. Our Unit Fitness Leader is pregnant and she's 1/3 of the size I was pregnant and I worked out religously every day...There are three other gals close to me who have had babies recently and two passed thier test with flying colors! while i'm feeling like a wildabeast fat patty who can't pass the dang gon waist. Seriously?! I need to lose 4 inches no joke in three weeks.
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:

I don't know how much fat or inches you can lose in just three weeks. It generally takes about 10 pounds to lose an inch of fat from the waist. You didn't say your height or weight or your waist so I can't comment specifically, but after losing 62 pounds in 8 months (2 pounds a week) you may have reached a plateau. You didn't say what you do for exercise, so I also can't comment specifically on that, but over the next 3 weeks I suggest you do interval training 3 days a week, cardio on the other days (with one day off if you are tried and your performance decreases), and 3 days of resistance exercise, focusing on large muscle group exercises like squats, deadlifts, sidebends, torso rotations, two-arm rows, pushups, etc, and lots of ab work to tighten up your gut and reduce your waist, even if you don't lose fat. And then post your diet questions to the Diet Community because you may need to reduce your calorie intake.
Good luck
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi MorningGlory11!

Congrats on the birth of your baby and 62 pound weight loss. A new mom and serving your country - you ROCK! (thank you for your service, by the way)

Rich has some great suggestions. I'd also recommend using the WebMD Food & Fitness Planner to track your calories.

I completely understand your frustration but try not to beat yourself up or compare yourself to others - every "body'" is unique and I'm sure your Fitness Leader is very aware of that!

Please let us know how you are progressing.


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