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    Includes Expert Content
    Breathing issues
    Fegirl posted:
    When I start a run or sometimes just walk up stairs I get a burning sensation in my throat (near notch) and my airway is restricted & I get lightheaded & wheeze. Worse when it's warm and humid. After 20 minutes or so of walk/run it somewhat settles down. I can breath better when cool out. Started 2 1/2 years ago and thought related to my positive Lyme disease test. But not typical & no change with anti-biotics. Have had bronchial tests recently that show no asthma. Sports induced asthma diagnosed a couple years ago, but inhaler didn't help. Local Dr. doesn't seem to have any ideas.

    Any suggestions?
    Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
    I don't know why it's happening, but the fact that you have already been diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma should give a doctor a clue. There are many asthma medications and maybe the medication you took before wasn't the right one or wasn't administered properly. I suggest you see a pulmonologist. Good luck
    bellawellnessliving responded:
    What is the common denominator in your problem? You are always wearing clothing that is most likely washed in a fragrant washing detergent, softened with a smelly fabric softener. If you are living in a home with fragrant candles, or plug in type frangrances, your airways are being constantly bombarded. When you begin to run, or move, you begin to deep breathe and those harmful fumes, which are being worn all the time are now being brought deep into the airways and the airways know it is toxic.

    I know this to be true. I had switched to Safe, Organic cleaners. My son was a goaly for a soccer match and was thrown a shirt, washed in a popular detergent and softened in a fragrant softener. He was unable to stop the ball because he started with airway disfuntion within minutes.
    I had to take him to the emergency room for a shot to help him breathe.

    These fragrances are made with combined chemicals. When I am out running or biking, I can smell people coming towards me from 20 feet away. I hold my breath, because those smells close up my airways. Today, I cant walk down the cleaning isle at the grocery.

    Because of my experience, I feel obligated to let people know. check out my blog: http://www,
    Fegirl replied to bellawellnessliving's response:
    Thanks for your response. However, I've started making my laundry detergent and don't use a clothes dryer. I had the problem before that as well, so don't think that is my issue.

    I had my Dr prescribe another inhaler that I will try. Just seems odd that I would suddenly develop this condition at 45 yrs old, and it coincided with the onset of Lyme disease. I've run many marathons and triathlons before this with no breathing problem.

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