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Sinus issues (Sneezing many times)burning nostal after running hard...
CSpot09 posted:
Experienced annoying issues after past 2 runs...The runs were fine, although colder weather, but after returning I sneezed many times (100+)...and had a messed up nose...

Congestion on one side of nose, and a burning runny nostral on the other...These issues almost made me feel SICK. Went through a box 1/2 of tissues, and had to breathe through mouth. (annoying, drying, and overall unhealthy thing to do)

Sleep is more difficult b/c of congestion and minor pain...and after 24 hours I still feel as though I am getting over a cold, but have not actually had a "cold" in 4 years..

Idea's....suggestions....similar exp??

Oh...many people say it's "allergies", but I don't to many differing factors----one being I do not suffer from allegies any other time of the year...and only experince this "issue" after running.

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JillForest responded:
I just had a sinus infection last week, I started using Cold-eeze -- which is a medicine in cough drop form that is guaranteed to shorten your cold. It actually worked really well, I was impressed. Hope you feel better soon!

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