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Optimum time of day to exercise.
RBarker posted:
I am a senior citizen wishing to create an exercise program. There is plenty of information about what to do and how long to do it, but nothing about the best time of day for a cardio and weight loss program to be done. Can you help?
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
Hi RBarker,

I like to say the best time to exercise is the time you do it. The reality is, there's no "best" time in terms of results. Your muscles, heart, fat and calorie burning, and all other elements of fitness improve no matter when you do it. Your body won't know the difference. The only issue you might need to deal with is if you are tired at the time you do it an d your performance is compromised and you can't give 100%. For instance, if you work out at 5:30pm after a hard day at work, you might find your energy is low, or you just can't give it your all; on the other hand, sometimes exercise energizes and gets you going.

The bottom line is to choose the time that fits best into your schedule; a time when you're sure you'll have no conflicts getting to it.

Good luck,
rocketqueen0206 responded:
Hi RBarker. Although there are weight-loss and health benefits to doing exercise any time of the day or night, the greatest benefits come from doing it in the morning. I have read this several places. The first place I read it was Bob Greene's book "Make the Connection". Bob Greene is Oprah's personal trainer.

Bob explains in the book that by exercising in the morning, you raise your metabolism for the rest of the day until you go to bed. That's a lot of extra calories burned. For example, if you exercise at 9am and go to bed at 9pm, your metabolism is higher for those 12 hours. If you exercise at 2pm and go to bed at 9pm, your metabolism is higher for 7 hours. It's higher than it would have been had you not exercise at the begining of the day. It's just an added benefit of doing it in the morning. The book explains it better, but that's the general idea. Hope this helps.
sahasrangshu responded:

Myself being a doctor I would recommend you not to suddenly lose weight but try to reduce weight gradually.It is better not to Weightlift rather than to undertake Light Aerobic exercises in a gym for about 30 minutes a day, approximately 5 days a week(preferrably in the morning before your breakfast ).It is better to cut down alcohol to not more than 2 pegs a day and absolutely abstain from cigarette smoking.You should consume plenty of vegetables and fruits and fish and try to cut down fast food,salt intake and too much of chocolates and condiments.I think this information shall be of some positive benefit to you but you should stick to this regimen all your life.Thank you very much.
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
Hi RBarker,

I want to comment on two things.

1. Metabolism is higher only after weight lifting and not aerobic (cardio). After cardio it typically returns to baseline within 30 minutes unless it's very high intensity interval training. There is evidence in young men that if the weightlifting workout is intense enough the metabolic rate can remain elevated for 12-16 hours, right through the night. So it doesn't matter if you do it at night or in the morning. And the intensity has to be really high to get a good long effect.

2. You should weight lift during weight loss. Up to 35% of the weight you lose can be from muscle. For example, if you lose 100 pounds, 35 pounds of it could be muscle. There are studies to show (one of them done at our lab) that you can preserve muscle while losing weight if you weight lift during the calorie restriction. It's important to build or preserve muscle because muscle sets your metabolic rate, and if you lose a lot of it during weight loss it's going to make weight loss more difficult. In fact, some of that muscle loss might even partially explain weight loss plateaus.

Feel free to post back if you have more questions.
bradcrowne responded:
Its always early in the morning before eating anything
Gopichand replied to sahasrangshu's response:
True Sir,
I am following this regimen since 9th June 2012 and lost about 12 kgs of weight and feeling also fit .
rocketqueen0206 replied to Rich Weil, MEd, CDE's response:
You are completely wrong on #1. Metabolism is higher after cardio exercise from the time you do it until the time you go to bed. This is supported by many, many studies, professionals and experts. Stop trying to intentionally undermine my comments. Grow up!
Angbaybe replied to Rich Weil, MEd, CDE's response:
This is a great post and very accurate information! I am an RN in ER and I am currently in college for Advanced Practice Nurse. I recently have written a paper on metabolism and exercise in a Pathophysiology class and this is some of the information I learned in my research! I was very surprised by this!
dmboone replied to bradcrowne's response:
nanaof3fields replied to rocketqueen0206's response:
Rocketqueen are you an expert or in the fitness field? The research that I have been doing concurs with the expert. That was actually a study done with woman. They were broke up into two groups....morning walkers and evening walkers. The evening walkers lost more weight than the morning walkers. In all of the research that I've done all of the experts and professionals say the best time to exercise is when you can...just make sure that you do it. Also in my research cardio does boost the metabolism however for how long is based on your age, your weight, your health, what stage of life that you are in and what type of cardio that you do. Moderate cardio boosts the metabolism for only a couple of hours where high intensity can boost it anywhere from 3 to 10 hours. I don't believe the expert was trying to undermine your comments. What I believe he was doing was using his expertise to answer a question. Maybe you should read his credentials because it sounds like that he might be a little more of an expert in this field than you are.
brunosbud responded:
"...Rocketqueen are you an expert or in the fitness field?..."

Really??? You're unsure?
rocketqueen0206 replied to nanaof3fields's response:
You don't have to be an "expert" in the field to research and read expert's studies and writings. Maybe you should read more than just a few studies that support what you want to be true before you come on here and write disrespectful comments.
rocketqueen0206 replied to brunosbud's response:
Really? Get a life and go back to flippin burgers.
brunosbud replied to rocketqueen0206's response:
Hey, it's wonderful to hear your uplifting and positive comments once more, rocketqueen! Welcome back! Beat any dead horses, lately?

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