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Metallic taste while running
hethro posted:
I am new to this site so hi everyone! I get a metallic taste in my mouth while running. Anyone else get this? Is it cause for concern?
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
Hi hethro,
You're smelling acetone on your breath. Acetone is one of three ketone bodies; ketones are compounds that are the byproduct of fat metabolism. They have a metallic quality and can smell like ammonia on the breath. They can occur for a number of reasons including when people go on low carbohydrate diets, when people lose weight and burn lots of fat, and when people do lots of aerobic exercise. They generally do not rise to dangerous levels before the body metabolizes them, and they are typically not dangerous unless you have type 1 diabetes. They are a source of fuel for skeletal muscle as well as the brain and should not interfere with performance. Staying well hydrated will help flush them out. Hope that helps.

Take care,