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Ankle hurts please help!!!
Brandonp1017 posted:
I went running about 2 days ago outside and now my ankle hurts on occasion when I walk up steps or backwards. I can even walk fast or job alittle and doesn't hurt...just did this to test it I'm not going running or jogging..also there is no swelling but feels like little bump pop out..just slight pain but only when a lot pressure applied I can even jump question is what does this sound like and what can I do to treat?
Brandonp1017 responded:
Please anyone...
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
I don't know what it is but you can try the symptom checker

The treatment for injury is generally rest and ice, and if there is swelling, then compression like with an Ace bandage. But diagnoses online are tricky, and the ankle is a tricky joint, so you have to be careful in the advice you get since you certainly don't want it to get worse by doing the wrong thing. If it persists then you should see your doctor. Good luck.