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Burning Sensation in the feet while running
nepatsfan posted:
After I run/jog for a mile, my feet become extremely hot & have to stop. It does not happen when I walk & have been to a Doctor but I have no issues with any foot infection or diabetes issue is my feet do Not sweat & even in hot weather in summer, if I am outside for a longtime, my feet too hot inside the shoes! Any suggestions would be helful as I try to increase running/jogging to about 3 miles every other day. Thank you.
Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
I've known others who have this problem too. Since you don't sweat that much in your feet, in order for your feet to cool off the blood vessels dilate and carry heat to the skin, but because it's in a shoe, the heat gets captured. Try a shoe that has mesh and see if that helps, and use a synthetic sock, such as polypropylene, that transfers heat efficiently. Let me know what happens. It would be good to help others with the information.

Take care, Rich