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poppy01 posted:
i've been dieting for almost a week and i find that if i skip meals early in the day im really hungry later. What is a good healthy breakfast and is it ok to replace meals earlier in the day with smoothies. Im 230 pounds right now and my goal weight is 160-180. Any tips for food or exercise? Ive also been walking a mile in the morning and trying for a mile at night., I do 30 crunches and some other light exercises at home. Does anyone know of any exercises that wont desturb my downstairs neighbors i tried zumba and they was beating on their ceiling i assume all the jumping made them mad. Thanks to anyone with suggestions.

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chris14824 responded:
I'm no expert but you should breakfast like a king, lunch like an eearl and dine like a pauper. In mother words, don't skip bbreakfast, have a good lunch and a light dinner. Eat early in the evening so that you will sleep better. Watch your portion control. I use the serving size information on the packages as a guide. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Try to walk more. Buy a pedometer and wear it all the time. Try to get 10,000 paces per day. You will be surprised how much walking around at work and in the house you do and it all counts. Check out some of the other pages on this website for help with meals and recipes. WeightWatchers is a good place to go to help you lose weight. They provide help with recipes and food ideas and lots of encouragement. I am a lifetime member having started three years ago. I achieved my target weight and have kept it off. Good Luck!