over coming the thoughts
afaatu posted:
why am i finding it such a mental challenge with weight loss and diet... how can i overcome this...help wanted....help needed
brunosbud responded:
It is both a mental and physical challenge. You've spent years "tricking" your body into thinking you're old and dying by not being active. Now, you must trick your body into thinking you're young and rebuilding. Your system has to be re-booted. Exercise does not burn fat. Your body burns fat preparing for growth and higher levels of activity. You need to rationalize...you need to "see" the necessity of more movement. This is a mental challenge; you're absolutely right...But, mentally, you need to clearly understand why it's so important to exercise...It has little to do with weight loss.
afaatu replied to brunosbud's response:
thanks it makes sense....so one thought at a time .... a classic is watching biggest loser and agreeing with everything while eating ice-cream.....