Blown Calf Muscle
An_251179 posted:
Last year I blew out my left calf muscle. While running up stairs my left calf popped really loud and was extremely painful. I had a lot of busing and a little swelling in my calf. I saw several doctors, and non of them thought I needed an MRI. A year later and my calf doesn't hurt but it is deformed and my left leg (from the knee down) is bigger than the right by 1/2 an inch or less. I have a job in which I sit for extended periods. I wear compression socks to prevent swelling, but both my legs still swell a little. I haven't worried about it too much since it doesn't hurt, I just think it is due to swelling. My wife thinks that something could be wrong and that I should get it checked out.

Has anyone else had this type of issue? Is it something I should worry about?