Strep Throat or upper lung Infection – and Exercise??
An_251214 posted:

So I have been on a path with losing over 100lbs in 17months. Now I'm running and working out daily in decent health.

I got sick with what appears to either be strep throat or a upper lung infection (unknown which at this time). Its been tough because I have had challenges breathing when at rest which put me in the ER on a 2 hr breathing treatment yesterday. This morning however when I run (at half my normal pace) with missing 2 days at the gym . I ran just to keep fit; the lungs do open up during my running. Is this good or bad for the overall return to normalcy?? I have a half marathon (my first) in 7 months and don't want to jeopardize my health to continue training.

Should someone with either Strep/ULI or mixed with Flu like symptoms run? What does this damage or add longer recovery by opening/closing up the breathing that goes along with distance running and pace running?