Shortness of breath
awalraven posted:
I am 51 and consider myself to be in very good health. I am not over weight and exercise regularly. However, I get out of breath easily during any type of cardio. I try to regulate my breathing but it really doesn't help. I don't have any other symptons that could be a medical problem. When I get really winded my wind pipe actually hurts. Is it possible that I just don't breath correctly? I read one article that your diaphragm and other breathing muscles can get lazy. I am a secretary so nothing abut my day to day job is strenous enough to increase my heart rate.
I am one of the few people who actually enjoy exercising and I would really like to do some running but i can only run a few yards then have to stop to catch my breath. I have stopped doing most any type of cardio and just focus on strength training. I know cardio is important. Any advice?