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Can Blood Pressure meds lower the amount of calories I burn during a workout?
An_251383 posted:
Before I went on BP meds, I would burn 450-550 calories in an hour doing a cardio class. My HR would be between 135 - 150. Now I can't get my HR above 130 and I only burn half the calories I used to. What's up??
PetuniaPea responded:
I'm not sure, but I have heard that certain medications, such as blood pressure meds (not sure which kind in particular), can cause people to gain weight as one of the side effects.

Don't make this a reason to stop your medication! It just seems like you have a bit of an uphill battle now, but don't give up! As soon as your weight comes down and you adopt new eating habits (less sodium and more potassium-rich foods...check out the DASH diet if you haven't already), you can have your doctor re-evaluate your need for BP meds! Good luck.

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Water aerobics
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