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    exhausted muscles after mild exercise,why?
    wolfslair posted:
    I am 58,overweight,never smoked. I have always exercised since I was 12. Up until a few months ago I could do 15 push ups, rest one minute, do another set until 10 sets were done. I felt good, felt strong, not really winded or tired. NOW for about 2 months I do a couple sets of 15 then my muscles feel exhausted,I'll do maybe 12, then 8, etc. If I bend over for nay length of time, my back feels exhausted, same for my upper back if I do these row movements with bands. I have always felt good and strong, now I hardly can do a complete workout...such as they are. Am I just getting old...old AND overweight...OR does this mean there could be other problems? I also have a hard time getting air if I string a couple exercises together to make it more quite light headed a couple of times. Any help or pointing me in the right direction will be appreciated. I will be making an appt with my doctor...but it will be some time before I see him. Thanks!
    brunosbud responded:
    Rule #1: Be aware of signs of overexertion: breathlessness, dizziness, tightness or pain in the chest, loss of muscle control, and nausea. If you experience any of these signs, stop immediately. See your physician to determine the cause.

    Rule #2: Listen to your body and progress slowly in the beginning. Most injuries in fitness come from doing too much, too soon, too fast, and too hard.

    I've exercised for a minimum of 1 hour, everyday, for many, many years. I have (tripped and fallen, but) never injured myself, exercising. I have never experienced any sort of medical emergency as a result of exercise. The benefits of my exercise are financially, emotionally and physically incalculable...

    The whole purpose of exercise is to test, learn and understand your body's limits so you can protect yourself from harm.
    bulldogg222 responded:
    I had same problem..ended up with six by-passes..
    An_251916 responded:
    Hopefully the fatigue is being caused by something minor but you definitely should see the doctor. If the fatigue is caused by a cardiac issue (like clogged arteries) you need to start treatment right away before a heart attack or stroke. Prevention is far easier and cheaper.

    I get several health newsletters that claim that many recent studies show inconclusive correlation between cholesterol levels and heart attacks. Here is a quote from one of them: "75% of heart attack patients have normal cholesterol. A national study by UCLA medical school showed that only 25% of hospitalized heart attack patients had high risk cholesterol levels."

    After you see your doctor it will be interesting to see if your doctor prescribes you a cholesterol lowering drug. I take one but not sure how beneficial it really is over the long term. When are you seeing your doctor? Please let us know what he says.
    rohvannyn replied to An_251916's response:
    If it's not your heart, also make sure you aren't dehydrated and have high enough iron and B vitamin levels. Also, have you changed any of your medications recently? Sometimes even seemingly innoccuous medications can have unexpected effects. Heart medications, blood pressure medication, etc. We had a good discussion recently about muscle weakness and lisinopril. Hope you find a solution!
    wolfslair replied to An_251916's response:
    I have done nothing different in terms of how I exercise,medications,etc. I am already on a cholesterol med. 4 years ago I had a Cath done because I had the symptoms of a heart attack...long and short the doc said my arteries were smooth as a baby's bottom. I have heard about that cholesterol study...makes you wonder. I go for a stress test,etc next week.
    wolfslair replied to rohvannyn's response:
    I drink plenty of water, my iron is high due to hemachromatosis (being unable to get rid of iron, I get my blood drawn every 2 months). I take vitamins and eat plenty of vegetables. No change in meds. I am on lisinopril,but have been on that for a few years now. I wonder, though if your body changes over time if maybe now it is affecting me? I'll have to look that discussion up!

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