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    Will I get lean and fit continuing this? Or what should I change?
    johnjohnson8398 posted:
    Ok so I have been trying to burn body fat and get totally lean for a while now and I'm getting somewhat impatient with wanting results.I am 20 year old male, 5'9 about 160 pounds but I have extra body fat mostly BELLY FAT that I want to shed so I can have abs. If I stick to this plan will I get lean and toned?

    I only eat 1-2 times per day at around 5-8 p.m. because my medicine reduces appetite in the morning.
    I'm going to start eating an organic lean piece of either chicken, pork, or sometimes salmon, stuff like that. Also some cooked broccoli with a small amount of cheese, and some fruit and a few nuts.
    Is this a good or bad diet? I don't over eat any portions. I only drink water.

    Also I run on an elliptical about 4 times a week, sometimes 3 for about a half hour usually running about 3.25 miles (says it about 375 calories burned) . I shoot hoops sometimes but very low intensity. I was lifting but I kind of fell off of that temporarily but thinking about starting back up again.
    Is this a good workout?

    Overall, should I continue doing what I'm doing? Or what should I change? Any help is appreciated very much!! Thank you!!

    I have always only ate about 2 meals per day because my medication suppresses my appetite until about 5 p.m. so I'm not really sure what to do about that
    brunosbud responded:
    Continue what you're doing and watch what you eat. Particularly, white starches, coffee, red meat and dairy.
    rohvannyn responded:
    When you do eat, make sure you eat protein, fruits, vegetables, cheese (especially hard cheese), eggs, that kind of thing. What you mention as food sounds like it's fairly good, though you want to make sure you take in at least 1500 calories a day, if not a little more. Otherwise your metabolism will slow too much and you'll gain the minute you start eating more. Lifting is great for getting lean. Increase your intensity, maybe try some interval training to keep your body guessing. You are young enough that this is a great time to start for healthy habits throughout your life.
    VivaMalta responded:
    Hello John in my opinion you are in starvation mode..During a seminar they told us to eat at least 4 times a day mostly proteins and complex carbohydrates.A handful of nuts is good too..and fruit 3 a day.
    Avoid fried foods like take a ways and cakes.
    Good luck.
    summer replied to VivaMalta's response:
    I agree. You have to eat anyway. I have two sons that have the same issue with food and their meds. I feed them anyway. You should be hungry when you wake up. If you are not, it is from eating too much and too late at night. Wake up hungry, eat and then take your meds.
    gdom88 responded:
    Consult your Doctor first & ask to be referred to a dietitian because eating 2 x a day will not do it.
    AlexiaSmith responded:
    You are 20 years young and according to your height and body weight you're doing fine.It's great that you're aware of the importance of physical health at your age, however. If you rare targeting your belly then you should be interested in adopting a few different physical exercise activities alongside regular running and jogging. First you should what are the reasons for the belly fat in your body. One of the reasons could be that genes may be responsible for a weak metabolism holding you back. Saggy muscles around the abdomen area could also very well be responsible for the fat in your stomach. To overcome this you should start trying some twisting and reverse crunches, cycling/spinning and other endurance-related exercises. The combination of exercising and dieting should be to burn more calories than your body consumes daily.

    By doing these exercises you should see some benefits and a little belly fat burned off. You can also eat more fat-burning foods including eggs, oatmeal, fruit and vegetables. Stay away from the sugary foods and you could be well on your way toward your goal.
    Breedt replied to summer's response:
    I second that 'summer. Not eating is a sure way to store any fuel in the belly. Also consuming medication without food does not sound like a good idea. The elliptical is a great way to get good exercise. Try a bran based breakfast to break the habit. Fruit juices can be taken with water added if you want to. The belly is the HARDEST part to work off. Pay more attention to eating regular smaller meals and do not eat within 2 hours of going to sleep. Try base your main meal at lunch times and place rapid digesting as evening meals. like fish and salad or soft greens. Avoid high carbs at night.
    On exercise add crunches to your routine increasing repetitions weekly. Results can take up to more than 2 months.

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