Burning, sneezing and runny nose after work outs?
jennyjo1972 posted:
I go to a class 3 to 4 times a week and work out and when I leave from my work out my nose/sinuses start to burn really bad then it turns into sneezing like crazy followed by a runny nose. I end up miserable all night and when the sneezing stops the burning starts again with light running of the nose. Can any one tell me what is going on? Is it something I may be allergic to in the room? Is it normal for someone to go through this when they are new at working out in this high intense type of work outs by breathing deeper and bring in more air. I have never been known to have allergies but I guess it can happen. Please help, I don't want to have to quit the work outs but might have to if this won't stop, I suffer all night from it and some time the whole next day and not sure its worth it. Thank you Jenny