I Swell - I don't sweat
Nyleen59 posted:
My hands, feet, fingers, face....all swell. I drink a lot of water all day long. I don't pee very much and I don't sweat. So, where's it going?

When I do work out it is much worse. My face gets really red and I get very hot, but don't sweat.

Any ideas?

Should I be taking salt tablets?
WSully54 responded:
Hi, noticed that nobody answered your question either. Same thing is happening to me. I guess our questions aren't interesting enough for the people here.
As to your problem, I would go to see a doctor right away. If you're drinking as much as you say and doing all the exercises then you have a problem. I drink about 1 1/2 gallons of water a day, exercise for about 45 minutes a day and I pour sweat and pee all day and half the night. I also drink ginger ale and a concoction my daughter told me about that has cider vinegar, honey and water. If you don't sweat at all then something is wrong I think. You need to see someone about it!
Good Luck
WSully54 replied to WSully54's response:
Hi Again!
Turns out I'm wrong, lots of people don't sweat. The info I found says that some people don't sweat their bodies cool differently. I'd still see a doctor though, just to make sure it's not something bad.