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I need major help PLEASE!!!
bcraig6881 posted:
Hi, my name is Billy and I need some major help.
I am 22 years old and I currently weigh 310 pounds and at a height of 6 foot 3 with a big frame. I need help figuring out how to be able to work out and get back down to 210. Reason I need help is because of my situation which is this

I am currently going to school full time and that time includes having to wake up at 5:20a.m. the latest to get dressed and everything ready to go to school, which I then leave my house no later than 5:35a.m. My class starts at 6:40a.m. and I usually arrive at the school around 6:20a.m. I am at school until 1:25p.m. and right after that I have to leave and go to work, which I start at 2p.m., which I will arrive at work at 1:55p.m. and have to change into clothes and by the time I get dressed its exactly 2p.m. At my job I work as a security officer sitting at the front desk at all times, I can not get up and leave and I am not allowed any breaks. I work until 10p.m. and I do this schedule Monday through Friday every week. After I get off I go straight home and take a shower be in bed, not asleep, but in bed by the latest 11p.m. I usually fall asleep within 15 min. And now me and my wife are having a little baby girl due at the end of September and I want to lose weight but I HAVE NO NO NO NO TIME!! I need help on how I can lose weight or workout 6 days a week! Or at least do something that will help me lose weight!! SO PLEASE HELP ME!! Thank you!!!
IamFrankie_IamGay responded:
holy need to lift some weights and do some cardio buddy stop eating all the burgers and cookies my friend
brunosbud responded:
You think you don't have time, now, just wait till the baby comes. As a security officer, you have more time than you could possibly need to make the improvements you want. Time is not the problem.
JMSniff responded:
You would be surprised at how much weight you could lose by simply switching your eating habits! If you are currently skipping breakfast--DON'T! Make sure you eat a good breakfast to keep you going with your busy schedule (fruit and oatmeal, whole grain toast with peanut butter, eggs and lean meat, etc) If you are eating out a lot during the day, save yourself the calories and the cash and make the effort to pack your meals for the day (it sounds like you're not home all day so make sure to include plenty of healthy snacks) Simple clean eating will get you a very long way on your weight-loss goal.

As far as finding time for working out--you may want to look into some low impact high-intensity interval training . You can do this work out in no time and it will boost your metabolism all day. I know you wake up early as it is--but maybe waking up an extra 15-20 minutes to do this workout in the morning would be a small sacrifice for your health.I also can't believe that your job does not allow you breaks? Maybe this is something that should be brought up to your human resources department. Take advantage of your weekends and go out to do something active. Take a walk, ride a bike, or go on a hike. Take baby steps to make a lifestyle change--you have a new life coming in this world that needs you to be healthy! Godspeed!
superninjagirl responded:
Hi there!
I totally understand not having any time to do full workouts. What might help is doing small things in between your daily duties. For example, every half hour or whenever you think of it, do a minute of jumping jacks or some pushups or something when you're at work. If you're taking classes, can you take a PE class?
There's a big hype about Body By Vi and I had my doubts, but I've seen severeal people take the 90 day challenge and they have zero time for much else besides daily life. It might be a great starting point for you too! My friends love it and I can see the results!
If you don't have time, and it's impossible for you to make more, start with dietary changes and small advances in activity level.
Hope this helps!

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