Hip pain
greenongreen posted:
I am 74 male who has run for over 40 years in all kinds of races. I run about 15-18 miles weekly and do 5K races monthly. I have been getting a lower hip pain when I run 2 days in a row. Any suggestions to help with this problem is appreciated.
brunosbud responded:
Some things to consider...

1. Study tread ware of your shoes

2. Restrict or avoid running on uneven surfaces, steps or steep inclines. Test by running on smooth level surfaces and see if that relieves pain.

3. Purchase orthotics for running or try a different brand of shoes.

Suggested Treatment for Injury:
1. Rest (temporarily perform non aerobic, low impact exercises like swimming)
2. Ice down immediately after running
3. Change to new & different shoes
4. Build up muscles supporting injured area; consult physical therapist for specific exercises