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bethanylewis866 posted:
higher welcome mile the fans and even our supporters on the online uh... website magazines all the fans around the world here wearer through four time miss Olympia jay cutler in the metal body blowing venicecalifornia gold's gym here are coming out here yesterday to do some training for a few days is uncertain time between lass angels in lass Vegas and request forth two thousand eleven mar Olympia odd going for my fifth title and I feel real good I've been back to training now for about three weeks and now we have some legs out here in America today com train with with big fill-in Eric and now you guys have been following online you've been seeing that I'm back in the mix you know I'm coming back for that fifty title and not I know a lot the way things have gone right now i'mfeeling great I had a good two and a half month layoff and uh... might might raise been great com today I'm up over two hundred ninety pounds and I'm gaining quick so backup meeting to speed and not training you know almost total full capacity now we we bang does some leg squads and hamstrings today by two are worked out so daily came in the gym we won the funnies always tell a little help make eccentricity little blood in their style we started on the the itenaryanother extension did three or four sets there are warm enough the legs just to get the knees in tune for some leg presses which we will goober to next thank out you know repetitions between a twelve and fifteen on those who did couple warm-up sets and then banged out I think eight eight plates I decide I'm really deep we try to release althea reps down into some deep by deep by movement with that you know we're really trying to get resistance on the quad sewers use can see in the video calm you know we're doing a lot of slower motions on the way down really control the negative ads from focusing on this year to bring in the deeper fibers not actually try to build up a ton more muscle I'm of course trying to get the more fullness but not necessary size as I'm trying to keep that detail and then if you gain too much sides and he was that details so how we all know you know I'm known form legs so I'm just trying to third you know make my legs even sharper for testate prompts a weekend of the leg presses moved next to the two the impact machine which was of free motion tight movement where I it's a plate loaded machine com with that you know we've weeded out four sets I think I want to via six or seven played some attend you know banged out the same thing solar because she was trying to beat the prejudice cuisine quads really work in the front quiets are closer to the need a teardrop arm and also the opera style you known's on the way up to the top but you know just keep in full control does I think we focus on tender British is
jadenmiller responded:
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Poul1986 responded:
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