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Feeling nauseous and dizzy during workout.
Mark93x posted:
I've been lifting weights for a month and a half.
I've been pushing myself to the limit on every workout and I just feel tired and get sore muscles after workouts.
But today I couldn't finish my workout. After a couple of leg exercises, I felt so dizzy and had the urge to vomit that I couldn't continue my workout.
I maintain healthy eating habits, I ate a meal of protein and carbs 40 minutes before going to the gym like I always do, drank enough water during the day and I didn't put on lots of heavier weights than normal except for squats I added more 10 KGs but still I was able to do my reps by hitting my limit.

What would be the problem, I'm really worried?
I'd really appreciate your help, thank you in advance.
1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on responded:

I had something similar happen to me about a year ago. I was doing squats as well, I was lifting heavy in that part of my cycle. But it was a weight I could handle. About half way thru i got a shooting headache, I took a bit of a break and switched exercises. It didnt really go away the rest of the work out and over the next week or so, when ever i strained it would start to come on again...totally freaked me out.

When your squating and your on your way up completing the rep, your grunting and groaning...your face turns bright red. There is a lot of blood rushing to your head and that could be why you got light headed. That feeling of wosiness could have lead to you becoming nausious. I am going to give you the same advice the offered to me...although im hard headed and didnt follow thru. Go see your doctor and tell him what happened, he may be able to offer better insight.

Best of luck!

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