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Weight loss and build muscle
christarachelle posted:
Don't get your hands dirty get naked body starkness of because we need of forty pounds majority is going to come from eating to not overdo it that work now party at the gym absolutely if you got a gym membership I recommend him to jam tonight compound lips out work out at least about four to five days a week split today's up he hit chest shoulders triceps Monday back in my straps on the second day legs on the third day abs every other day keep girls up his eyes that repeats keep cycling like that if you don't have a gym membership don't sweat I don't want this to be an excuse for you not to be able to star.

Your weight loss a sharp drop in at forty pounds get some 800 this if you don't have a gym membership here's a list of that I think will be perfect for specially for the arm number one bar picas an army lot going for PC games you might start going to get used to them now push-ups pull-ups I'm doing all those two jumping lunges jumping squats not climbers planks good score and run I'm using don't recommend you doing allot or running but in this case but here we don't run and anyways because they are easy miles are right now are there more sizes yes there is not about to end everything it's about doing the most affective stuff to get the results the vast small recommend to Windows 8 exercises and the way out there would be like this they keep this up outgoing commute time are now just do thirty seconds on for easy access 30 seconds every exercise receiving in two three four sizes.

Rest 30 seconds added to the other 34exercises and then repeated gay believe is althea exercises that means as one round I'm here as you do I would start off by doing one groundskeepers simple after the first week all-star of two into outs eventually build up to be able to a bow have dropped four rounds so what you doing the running is you can actually do running at the very end how would you want to run for my second week increase little more by third we can restore more by the time army comes round you getting there man you're going to drop forty pounds extremely fast just has launched a consistent all the workouts if you're in gem forty five days the nine digit John you work out of us everyday man be doing these things forty pounds is it going to be that bad you can drop forty pounds in three months so that's not that aggressive.

I want to go ahead and put some expectations in your mind on how fast you can do it but I've seen people do it in like month and a half to two months of you we can be like oh it's not healthy evolve of well you know what people have died guess the same I it is what it is hope is all CR John Taylor and I love these comments I love these questions keep me coming for more workouts and nutrition tips check out six nice or guts at com see you guys next video is up good.
jadenmiller responded:
Nice points,you need to replace some of what you eat with healthier stuff. you need to a be a little more careful about what you eat. You don't need to cut out all those foods that you love the most; rather, you just need to make little changes in your food habits.

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