Bulky thighs with certain machines
cindigal posted:
I saw on a tv program about thighs get bulky when you use bike, treadmill, elliptical. Is this true..?? It really confuses me unless you are using the high intensity workout. Actually I was using treadmill and elliptical alternating last year but I stopped elliptical because of pain in my knees. I continued with treadmill and I think that my legs got muscular (which I do want that at any cost). Iv'e been hermit cause of the awful weather we had lately and this week this week the temps will be 50's and I know I get motivated.

I certainly will use the treadmill and some of the other machines but I don't want bulky legs. Is that anyone have a suggestion on what intensity that I should on the treadmill or the above .

mariajohnson responded:
Walking on a treadmill does make your legs bulky.Running on an inclined treadmill will burn calories faster than but will encourage your leg muscles to work harder. Changing your form while running or walking on a treadmill, such as taking longer strides and raising your knee higher with each step can help increase the thigh-toning potential of the treadmill.