Walking was painful today
lovenj41 posted:
I just started my diet again! I stop a year ago because of leg problems I weighed in a year ago at 209 ..Today I weighed in at 218 so I am not happy about this but today I walked for 45 minutes 2 miles but was in a lot of pain ...but I set my goal for the walk and kept it so I am feeling good about that! I just got to remember to take my advils before I leave the house.
colliefan responded:
I used to run 5K races - very slowly. Have not run one in about five years...and gained weight in the mean time. Tried starting up again last year and was welcomed with pain in the legs and feet. My breakthrough was tracking calories on the WebMD tracking tool. I have lost some weight...still can't run a 5K...but am making progress.
mariajohnson responded:
Hi, check out this link. Hope it helps you.
http://www.bannerhealth.com/Services/Health And Wellness/Ask the Expert/Heart Care/_Leg Pain When Walking.htm
kellycpalmer responded:
Regular exercise is the best way to lose weight. Keep track of how many calories you consume daily and how much calories you burn. Natural supplement is also a good choice for weight loss that you can try a natural supplement.
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