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Dizzy After Running
An_257142 posted:
I am a female (5'4, 105 pounds) and I run a couple of times a week. I don't overdo it, usually a couple of miles just to get the heart going. What I've noticed is that I'm fine while I'm running but as soon as I step off the treadmill I get really dizzy. I have to stand still for a minute so I don't stumble. I haven't passed out or anything and I'm fine afterwards but I'm wondering what the issue could be. I have done other exercises without the issue (biking, hiking, swimming, etc.) but I'm afraid to run any longer or harder in case it gets worse.
suzisixx responded:
Are you running on a completely empty stomach? Sounds like your blood sugar is on the low side. Try eating a banana a few minutes before the next run and see if that helps.
rosiesbuddy replied to suzisixx's response:
You may have a vestibular problem. See your GP and follow up with a vestibular assessment by an ENT, qualified physiotherapist or neurologist. Be sure they have expertise in this area because it is a subspecialty.

Are you getting light headed because of the intensity or does it happen even at lower intensities on the treadmill?
psychlcse responded:
I have the same problem, although I haven't been on a treadmill in awhile
colliefan responded:
Runner's World in the "Complete Guide to Running" mentions that for some runners, "without visual cues, like scenery going by, I get thrown a bit, and my equilibrium can be slightly off when I step off. It's as if I was out at sea and now I'm on land again. I have sea legs for a few minutes". The article just mentions that you get used to it. I do not know about that part...but if you do not have issues when running on a track or road course, it may be the same issue mentioned in the Runner's World article. Just make sure you use the shut off clip on the treadmill so that if you lose your balance and fall, the treadmill will quickly shut off.
robert7734 responded:
Definitely get checked out. I have bouts with vertigo and after 2 MRIs, a complete physical, blood work and visit to an ENT specialist (complete hearing test) I was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis caused by a virus. Dizziness is a symptom. Please get checked out!
penny6 responded:
you need water water water. before you exercise, during exercise and after exercise.
islandhopper replied to penny6's response:
I do drink water before, during, and after each point. How much water?

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