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Starting to diet, tips?
Jackalopes posted:
Since January of 2013, I've lost 80 pounds! I'm at 145 (bmi 21 hr 140) now thanks to recently getting back on a regimen, and cold turkey cutting processed and redundant foods from my diet.
With variation for some days, I basically wake up to:
  • 2 handfuls of cashews
  • A banana
  • Coffee (3 tsp of table sugar+dash of milk) and a glass of water
  • Handful or two of sunflower seeds, sometimes
Then I'll digest for 45 minutes to an hour, before going out for a 2-mile jog, of jogging to landmarks until I push the limit, walking and catching my breath, jogging some more, etc...

and then come home to maybe sip some more coffee, drink more water, snack on the nuts n seeds. A boiled egg. I'll let myself have some bites of whatever my partner's eating, hot dogs, pizza, concentrated sin etc.

Come dinner time, every other day so far it seems, I'll have a small portion of, say, rice and beans, with tomato sauce, and of course plenty of water.

And around sunset, when the weather is suitable and the view is nice, I go for the same jog. (Today is the first day the weather hasnt permitted, I replaced it with jumping jacks for 30 and then 45 minutes)

After I get back from that jog, I'll end up staying awake because my sleep schedule is, well, not a schedule. I'll sometimes sip more coffee, munch on nuts n seeds, another banana, some more bites of bad-for-you.

Based on this, does anyone see any particular problems that could arise from doing this for too long? Any particular kinds of food I should add to this diet to meet vitamin/nutrient requirements, any deficiencies I might run into after doing this for a while?
To help me out, What *am* I getting from this? Ive been studying on my own time a lot about nutritional science, but my application of it to my current diet is minimal. According to WebMD's calorie counting food and fitness tracker, I saw something about me getting a lot carbs and not so much protein etc, what does this mean (I'm not yet well-versed in carb science) and how should I adjust the intake?

Its been about a week, I feel fine, I'm noticing a steady decrease in my weight (I was pretty much 150 a week ago), I feel like my body has been doing a good job of disposing of some long-accumulating toxins. No particular pains, minimal leg ache but not more than to be expected from jogging and jumping jacks. Some light headedness when I stand up too fast, I hear that's from cutting soda / HFCS / generally processed foods.

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