I'm a 50yr old woman with Degenerative Disk Disease
dmonetted posted:
I try to get exercise but, due to the pain I live with it makes some exercise totally off limits.
And I have to consider all of the effects/consequences from doing the simplest ways to get my exercise.
I have tried walking,biking and during the summer months because during the winter/colder months I have to stay indoors to to the severe spasms I get due to the cold.
So, basically biking is the only exercise I physically enjoy aside from swimming. Any ideas?

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Can anyone help with ideas/suggestions so during the winter I can do some form of exercise?
  • Indoor exercise during the winter.
  • Swimming during the summer.
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brunosbud responded:
The fittest, healthiest people would not be healthy very long if they performed daily activities they didn't enjoy. What's the point in doing anything you are not, mentally, on board with. And, of course, how can you continue to perform movements that cause excruciating pain? Discomfort, yes; pain, forget it. As long as it involves moving your body, do whatever you "enjoy". Scraping paint, cleaning house, gardening, having sex...it's all goooooooood.

I watch infomercials and just shake my head. What kind of nincompoop could think they can perform such exercise for more than 90 days? What good is any exercise if you don't (or can't) do it, everyday? Eventually, I plan to move to a country that has snow 6-7 mn of the year. That way I can cross country ski...in the dark! That would be a blast, not just for me, but for my dogs, too. There is no downside to exercise; it's all "gravy". So, go get some!