starting back up in weight lifting
spiffpf2 posted:
Looking for a good routine to get back into lifting. I am 42 yrs old and want to get back into shape. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
colliefan responded:
Start with push-ups and basic curls with rubber band devise. I am 47 and recently began weight lifting again. I still had overall strength, but I had pain when lifting heavy. So I went with push-ups, then light weights and focused on having good technique. Smaller muscles caught up to the larger muscles and I am now able to increase weight without pain. (I think that good technique - good posture, good body positioning relative to the bar, controlling speed, etc. made a big difference.)
bbfc7 responded:
I am 35 and do P90X3. I have lost inches and have muscle definition. I love it! It is a great workout routine. 30 minutes a day and there are several different workout videos. I can send u the link to check out the video if you would like me to.