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Wanna get fit and have fun :)
fitjock posted:
Hi! I'm a teenage boy (aged 10-13) and I want to get fit. You see today we were doing a tech rehearsal for this dance thing (everyone in my year has to do it) and since we have a small amount of boys in our year (around 20-30) we all got changed in a classroom. The blinds were drawn down so no one could sneak peek but there was enough light to see everything without people outside looking. So I was undressing when I saw one of my friends undress and I saw him take his shirt off and he was extremely fit. He plays hockey, did gymnastics but now does circus (like unicycle and stuff) and he is very fit. You can just see the six-pack coming and I want to be like that. I am just under average for body weight and I'm a little bit skinner than the rest of the people in my year. Please tell me how I can get fit without going to the gyms. Maybe some tips on eating, exercises you can do at home or maybe a specific sport (I was wondering if hockey, the sport he plays, makes you more fit) to get fit. Thank you and remember to keep having fun

Over and out,

rohvannyn responded:
Yes, the more sports you do, in general, the fitter you will be. You can do basic calisthenics and some light weight lifting at home, and don't forget stretching. Maybe take up running? That can really help you be fit and it won't put as much stress on your growing body as other exercises will.

Before you finish growing, make sure to use proper form in all your exercises and pick lower impact options. Running rather than jogging, etc. Cycling is good too. So are sports. To support your new muscles, make sure you get plenty of protein, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, and try to limit your junk food. The idea is to give your body good fuel to run on and good materials to build with.

Stay away from wacky supplements and herbal preparations. You want good, whole food without a lot of extra junk in it. That will give you energy to work harder. That way as your body matures naturally and you gain muscle, you will develop a strong phisique.

Some exercises to try at home: crunches, pushups, starting with wall pushups if you have to, lunges, jump rope. Don't laugh, boxers do it too! There are awesome videos all over Youtube to show you more.
queenfrusty responded:
you need to avoid junk food drink plenty of water, eat well and do some exercises at least 3-5t imes a week a mix of cardio and weight training you can go to the gym or do some home exercises i have some free online video suggestionof you need to
fitjock replied to queenfrusty's response:
thanks everyone! anyone got more tips?
violingirl26 responded:
My son is trying to do the same thing even tho' he is older (20). He joined a gym with a friend and his trainer said you have to eat A LOT. More calories to gain weight. You might be too young to join a gym but probably weight lifting could help. I'd suggest going to the library and checking out some books that could help. (or google for ideas) good luck.
fitjock replied to violingirl26's response:
Thank you violingirl26! This is an amazing community for helping me out More tips would be very welcome! Just finding a way to get started...
fitjock replied to fitjock's response:
More suggestions are welcome!
fitjock replied to fitjock's response:
Please please please give me tips! More suggestions are welcome
sweatpea88 replied to fitjock's response:
You definately need to focus more on your nutirition intake. I suggest meeting with a certified nutritionist... It makes all the difference.
fitjock replied to sweatpea88's response:
Thank you for the advice. I need more tips to be fit! Maybe a sports suggestion?
fitjock replied to fitjock's response:
Hi there! Would anyone like to give me some tips and also make a team sport I could do? Just wanna get a bit fitter and bulkier.
fitjock replied to fitjock's response:

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