for long lean muscle
sausha85 posted:
I have had both bulky thigh muscle legs and long and lean. I use my mountain bike for both. I use the tough tension gears to creat bulkier legs and the easier tension gears to create longer leaner muscles. Good luck with your legs!!
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KennyCrox responded:

Saying your have bulk thighs but they are long and lean is a oxymoron. The can't be too thing at the same time.

Example: Something being sweet and sour at the same time.

Kenny Croxdale
rohvannyn replied to KennyCrox's response:
She said that she has had both bulky thigh muscles _and_ long and lean. From context I took that to mean she had them at different times, especially since she gave tips on achieving both states. She's right, using low resistence tends to give you smoother muscles and high resistence tends to give you bulkier muscles. But not both at the same time.