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Thinking of this workout...I'd like opinions...
Ima_Uzer posted:
Ok, I'm 35, male, and a little over 200 pounds. I probably need to lose about 30 of it.

I'm looking at a workout, and I'd like opinions. I got this workout from "The Art of Expressing the Human Body".

It starts off with isometrics (1 x 1, 6-12 secs each):

Press Lockout
Press Start
Rise on Toes
Parallel Squat
Shoulder Shrug
1/4 squat.

I'm looking at the bodybuilding workout right now, but I really only want to tone up, and not get overly bulky.

The exercises below are sequenced, so I wouldn't have to do them all in the same session, but I'm curous what everyone thinks of this workout:

Squat (3 x 10, 95 lbs)
French Press (4 x 6, 64 lbs)
Incline Curl ( 4 x 6, 35 lbs)
Concentration Curl (4 x 6, 35 lbs)
Push Ups (3 x 10, weighted if possible)
Two hand curl (3 x 8, 70-80 lbs)
Triceps stretch (3 x 6-8, 5 lbs)
Dumbbell circles (16 pounds, as many as possible)
Reverse Curl barbell (4 x 6, 64 lbs)
Seated Wrist Curl (4 x ??, 64 lbs)
Reverse seated wrist curl (4 x ??, 10 lbs)
Sit ups (5 x 12)
Calf Raises 5 x 20.

There is also a "general fitness" routine I am considering, but I will post later after I get a bit more input on this workout.

Oh, and my cardio would probably be shadow boxing and jump rope.

Thanks in advance for any advice and comments.
jackberryhill responded:
I'm not sure about all of the specific exercises or the book. I lost 30lbs in 3 months but I specifically started with a lifestyle change as my goal. I eat right and I exercise as a part of my lifestyle now. I have been able to maintain my goal weight for over two years now. This was the best decision I ever made and I feel so much better! I can't encourage you enough! Go for it!

My philosophy may be quite different from a lot of the mainstream stuff you have heard.

My suggestions:

1. Focus on weight training and adding muscle instead of "cardio". You can get a great cardio workout with weight training. Weight training adds muscles, more muscle burns more calories. Cardio training raises the metabolism for the time you are training which is great, weight training can raise your metabolism for 24 hours after you exercise. So you are burning fat while you sleep after training!!

2. Consider strength training that will make you strong for real-world activities. Strengthen your core so that you have the foundation to build real strength. This will keep you away from machines that exercise muscles in isolation. Unless of course, that is your goal. I like to stay away from machines for several reasons but mainly because more support muscles get activated with free weights.

3. Focus on large muscle groups like glutes and legs. The more you work large muscles the more calories you burn. The more muscle you add the greater the calorie burn.

4. I would not focus on the small stuff like the curls wrist curls and triceps. Most guys want to focus on these muscles to show off their guns. Hey, we all want to look good but these muscles will get their workout when you activate the surrounding major muscles.

5. Nutrition is a huge part of the battle. Incorporate lots of lean protein! In order to lose 30lbs quickly I chose a low-carb high protein diet. After I reached my goal weight I added appropriate amounts of carbs back into my diet. I gleaned a lot from a book, Men's Health Muscle Chow by Gregg Avedon

Another great read is The New Rules of Lifting for Abs, Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove

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