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Foot pain
TiffM posted:
I exercise 6 days a week (mainly weight lifting). During the past couple of weeks I've added an hour (sometimes more) of walking on a treadmill at a 10-15% incline to my training. This past Thursday the side of my foot started to ache. By Saturday the side of my foot was a little swollen and bruised and walking on it was nearly intolerable. I googled the symptoms and have come up with hyper extension and stress fracture. I don't think stress fracture is a true consideration as it seems to me that even a small break would cause enough pain to prevent any usage of the foot. I was hoping to get others opinions or advice. My copay is ridiculously high and I hate the thought of going to a doctor just to tell me I overworked it. Also, in your opinions, would you stop all lower body workouts or just the treadmill? I do a lot of squatting, lunges, and dead lifting - I hate skipping leg days. Lol!

deadmanwalking57 responded:
1) You may need new shoes. If you have many months training in the shoes, the inner cushioning from heavy leg work may be shot.

2) You may walk slightly on the side of your foot, which needs correction. Walking should not cause foot pain, even on a treadmill.

3) Do you have flat arches ? Flat feet have less support, and the foot fatigues sooner. Arch supports might help.

Have enough sense to try a lower incline and shorter duration. Pay attention to how and when the foot starts to hurt, and DON'T DO THAT. If it does hurt, a cold pack may help.

Avoiding a doctor visit may just allow the condition to advance from chronic to severe and constant, forcing you to stop lifting altogether while a severe injury heals.

Do NOT train with pain. "No pain, No gain" is a stupid rhyme that leads to eventual injury. The injury may not be immediate, but an injury should not be your goal. A few reps with muscle fatigue at the end of a set is one thing, but should cease after putting the weight down.

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