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Vent - worst babysitting ever
LittleTandMe posted:
My parents were keeping DS at their house, 3.5 hours away, for three days. The first day there, when they thought he was napping, he got blue paint all over himself, and my moms bed in her newly redecorated bedroom. Because she wasn't paying attention. See my post on the 2YO board for the rest of that story.

Later that night, mom called and asked if she needed to wait to give him the epi-pen until he had symptoms. WTH!!!! Apparently, my mom took him to my grandma's, who always keeps little candy bars around to give the kids. I always look over what she gives him, because an 80 YO woman can easily mistake a snickers for a milky way. But my mom was not paying attention, and Tristan was given PEANUT m&ms. My mom eats way too much candy, so if she had looked, she would have seen what they were. I heard he spit out the first one, but I also heard he ate 2 or 3. So I told my mom give him Benedryl, which she had already, and to wait on the epi-pen for symptoms. So they called back 30 minutes later, oh he is fine, wait he's throwing up gotta go. Well, that can be the start of a bad reaction, so I was freaking out not knowing what was going on. So I call my cousin the nurse who lives across the street, and ask her to go over there, she can assess his symptoms better, can deal with anaphalaxis, admin the epi-pen, and at this point i didn't trust my parents to remember the number for 911.
Long story short, he only threw up the once, only had to have one more dose of benedryl and not the pen (but we will definitely be practicing that soon, thanks for the other post) so oddly a milder reaction than last time when he was just in the same room as PB.
And it will be a long time before he goes back alone.
two year old son with peanut allergy
KatieS83 responded:
Wow, i would be so upset with them (family or not). My MiL and I dont get along that great for a similar reason, 20 minutes after i explained to everyone that DS couldnt have anything Milk, she tried to give him Ice Cream. I was so beside myself i couldnt even get the words out, thankfully DH piped up with " Are you trying to kill him?!" I feel your pain, i'm so glad your little one is feeling better, that is very scary!
Katie (27) DH (28) DS 22months DD born 6/30/10 8lbs 5oz 20 1/2 inches.
LittleTandMe replied to KatieS83's response:
Yeah, it was scary. And they are not really grasping the whole thing. My dad was very careful to tell me he checked the ingredients on the animal crackers and cheese-its. Ok dad, probably no peanuts snuck in there. But chocolate candy? Has peanuts or PB all the time! Plus, they are all like, oh, he can't have that, it has eggs in it. Or oh, he can't have pistachio frozen yogurt. Although I have explained OVER & over that he is only sensitive to eggs and soy, if he eats a LOT his eczema will get worse. So yes he can have one bite of scrambled eggs. And he is NOT allergic to tree nuts, one bite won't hurt him, I just don't let him have a LOT just in case it brings on the allergy.

So they end up focusing on the stuff he can have, just not a lot of, and forget to check the CANDY which is the most likely to be bad!
two year old son with peanut allergy
Mainemommy replied to LittleTandMe's response:
OMG The poor kid needs those tshirts for even family care
MrsWhiteCastle replied to Mainemommy's response:
How scary! You must have been beside yourself when she called you. I'm so glad that everything turned out OK.
Emily (5 - allergic to tree nuts) Elizabeth (3)
LittleTandMe replied to MrsWhiteCastle's response:
At first I was just in shock, like seriously?!?!?!?!?

Then while I waited to hear how he was doing, I didn't have much to pack, but my cell phone battery was low, so I gathered up some of our old cell phones, and plugged them all in. I had four cell phones charging up! If I had to make a 4 hour drive, I was going to have a phone even if I had to swap my sim card every hour, LOL. It was the only thing I could do and I had to be doing something.

And I don't think the t-shirt thing would work. My mom and grandma both knew he was allergic. My grandma who is old thought they were regular m&ms, and my mom, who would have known the difference, obviously wasn't paying attention. Maybe I just need a "no feeding the boy" policy. I can have signs made up like at the zoo.
two year old son with peanut allergy
seeit2 responded:
That must have been so scary. I'm glad everything turned out OK, and that you had a nurse so near by! We run into similar problems with my MIL, I know it is really frustrating and scary. And maddening - I mean, how freakin' hard is it. kwim?

Deb (39) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, egg allergy DS (9 mo) fearless and bottomless, no known allergies
KityKatK8 responded:
This is why I don't think I'll ever let DD stay over anywhere without me! And she doesn't actually have any allergies, LOL! Just the potential.

My ILs never bother to read the ingredient list - it means they have to put their glasses on when they go shopping and they can't be bothered to do that - so whenever we visit them, my MIL has me read all the products they're serving. Really?? You can't do this at the grocery store?

DH: peanut, tree nuts, coconuts, fish

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