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    sarahogan posted:
    Wow, just reading these posts, I'm absolutely amazed at how many doctors were willing to test for allergies at an early age. My son's doctor wouldn't even consider it until he was at least six, even though my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease and a wheat allergy and I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy as well. They wanted to wait until he was at least 6 or 7 before they would test him. We ended up going to an alternative doctor to have him tested and he has the wheat allergy and also celiac.
    I don't have any other alternatives for pediatricians, this clinic we go to is an hour away already and the next closest one is 2 hours away in a city that I fear for my life everytime I have to drive through it (seen way too many high speed chases there and even got caught in stopped traffic because of a shootout when driving through there once, not fun)
    seeit2 responded:
    Do you have an allergist nearby? In my experience pediatricians don't know much about allergies. I know we "spoke" on the other board - I'm glad you stopped by. For what it's worth, my DS was skin tested at an early age (like 5 months I think) and it was pretty inconclusive, the elimination diet (for me while breastfeeding) was much more helpful. Celiac is a whole other ballgame though, isn't it? Testing-wise, I mean. In any vent, I'm glad you got some answers.

    Deb (39) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, egg allergy DS (9 mo) fearless and bottomless, no known allergies
    sarahogan replied to seeit2's response:
    Celiac is definetly a challenge. We've discovered that not all gluten free products are wheat free and not all wheat free products are gluten free (as I discovered with Newman O's that are wheat free, but not gluten free, so that means I'm the only one that can eat them, which is kind of nice for me :) )
    Mostly, we've been making a lot of our own things with rice and potato flours. I have to be careful with cornstarch because it seems to give my husband an attack. The alternative doctor we went to said that sometimes cornstarch contains gluten, so you have to be really careful.
    As far as an allergist, the closest one is a little over 3 hours away and you really, really have to have a very good reason to get a referral (like the doctors have exhausted every test under the sun and can find nothing wrong with you, but you are still very ill - who can afford that?) because he only comes up to the city an hour away from us every few months. My son's regular doctors wouldn't even consider giving us a referral because they could see nothing wrong with him and don't consider a developmental delay a result of a food allergy.
    MrsWhiteCastle replied to sarahogan's response:
    Welcome to the board!

    How frustrating for you to have to work with that doctor. I agree with Deb that it is best to go to an allergist, if possible. Our pedi tried, but just didn't have the correct knowledge when it came to food allergies.

    I'm glad you were able to find some things that are working for you.
    Emily (5 - allergic to tree nuts) Elizabeth (3)
    seeit2 replied to sarahogan's response:
    Newman's are a fave around here too. My DH is gluten free and DD is egg and diary free (tho we recently found out she can have egg). He eats Glutino chocolate sandwich cookies and she eats Newman's. Believe it or not, regular Oreos (at least doubelstuffs) are dairy-free. Kinda scary I think. Anyway, DD was raised on newman's so when we had her try oreos she said they were yucky!

    It is confusing with the wheat and gluten...when DD was wheat-free (intolerance, it made her sooo sick) we pretty much stuck to gluten-free because it was just easier than sortin gout the rest of it. I did not know about corn starch though, that's good to know!
    Deb (39) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, egg allergy DS (9 mo) fearless and bottomless, no known allergies
    sarahogan replied to seeit2's response:
    so, if that's not dairy in oreos, what is it? :/
    Mainemommy replied to sarahogan's response:
    Um I pretty sure there is whey in Oreos at least there used to be I ate like 2 and dd broke out
    Wow Sara it sounds like you live in ME. You live on an island right? Is the allergist not in your network?
    seeit2 replied to Mainemommy's response:
    Check your next pack of doublestuffs. No milk products. I promise. It's probably the same fake stuff that is in Newman's dairy and wheat-free, whatever that is.
    Deb (39) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, egg allergy DS (9 mo) fearless and bottomless, no known allergies
    sarahogan replied to Mainemommy's response:
    no, I live in a little bity town of about 300 year round residents, way up in the mountains of New Mexico. The closest anything big (except Family Dollar, which is 20 minutes away) is an hour away. I have no idea if the allergist is in my network because I never bothered to find out, because he's 3 1/2 hours away, except for once every 2 months when he comes to the city an hour away from us. If he is, I still have to have a referral to see him and the pediatrician saw no evidence of a food allergy and wouldn't give me a referral.
    Oh, well, the alternative doctor I went to found it and found no other evidence of any other allergies and my insurance does cover alternative therapies without a referral. (Very strange insurance that I have)
    Mainemommy replied to sarahogan's response:
    Hmm wonder who it is that lives in RI ????? I'm in the same boat here in ME the closest Wal Mart is an hour. I also have a Family $$ 20 mins out. Fortunately for me there is a "large' hospital in the BIG city

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