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Skin testing question
heather7257 posted:
Clara had some skin testing done yesterday and the doctor said that her milk allergy was a tiny bit better. When I got home though and compared my records she had higher numbers than her last test. This time it was 4/25 and six months ago was 3/10. I did notice that her histamine reaction was a lot higher than before. Is that factored in? That was the only thing I could come up with as to why he would say it was better instead of worse.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the boards lately. Things have been a bit hectic. I hope everyone has been well and free of major reactions!
seeit2 responded:
No worries, we'll always be here. I'm sorry I don't have even a little input about the skin testing, we always had to rely on blood testing because of DD's contact reactions. Hopefully someone else can shed some light.
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mrswhitecastle responded:

I don't know what scale your doctor is using. Whenever Emily has been skin tested, it came back as a number 1 thru 4. So, it would be 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 . For Emily, they measure the size of the wheel, and base the number on that. Plus, if I remember correctly, our allergist said that the size of the wheel does not give a clear indicator of how badly you will react if you were to really be exposed to the allergen.

The only thing I can think of is if you take your fractions 4/25 = .16 which is less than 3/10 = .3. (Sorry, I'm a math nerd, so that's what I think of. Probably not really how those numbers should be interpreted!)

I would try to not analyze the numbers too much. The good news is that your doctor thinks they were improving. Does the doctor want you to come back in 6 months to retest? Are you getting close to being able to do a food challenge?
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heather7257 responded:
Yeah, we go in every 6 months. The numbers our allergist uses are to indicate the size of the wheel (first number) and the size of the flare (second). I think it is in millimeters. That is why I was confused about him saying it was better because if you just base it off of that it appears worse. Her reaction to the histamine, which they use as a control to make sure the test is working, was a lot bigger this time so maybe that is factored in. I don't know. She has been having a bad eczema outbreak recently and he prescribed a topical cream for her face (can't remember what it is called of the top of my head). I was annoyed though when I got to the pharmacy and they told me it had to be preauthorized by our insurance because of the risks which included cancer. The doctor didn't mention anything about this to us. It wont be approved for a week anyway and by then I doubt we will need it. She is getting better. Well gotta go, nap just ended! Take care!

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