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New School Policy
mrswhitecastle posted:
I typed out a long post, but it's apparently lost. I don't feel like retyping all of it, so I'll just summarize. I'll spare you my mini-rant from the lost post on how stupid a policy this is.

There is a new district policy this year that EVERY student must be assigned a bus to ride in case school is cancelled early. Well, this is an issue for us. Emily isn't old enough to self-admin, and I don't want to tell her it's OK to go 5 minutes without her meds.

So, the principal and I came to a compromise. If (and it's 99.999% that it won't happen) but, if it does, Emily will get her EpiPen from the nurse, put it in her backpack, and let the bus driver know she has it. The principal thought the bus driver was already trained on how to administer, but will make sure and train if need be.

I'm curious what the other 14 kids will do that store EpiPens at school.
Emily (7 - allergic to tree nuts) Elizabeth (5)
mrswhitecastle responded:
Wow. I see that my "summarized" post is still really long. Perhaps it's good the long one got lost!
Emily (7 - allergic to tree nuts) Elizabeth (5)
crunk05177 responded: is those little things that drive me nuts. How do you know you could trust the driver?

We were looking into camp next year for both kids. He would not have an epi pen on the bus with him. Yes the camp is like 3 minutes away from our house but you never know what can happen. Plus they have cooking as an elective. They assured me that I could bring in my own ingredients for him so he doesn't feel left out. I am sorry, but that is not good enough for me. People just don't get it!
seeit2 responded:
I like mini-rants. I like full-blown rants. Been known to have a few of them myself.

This raises so many questions and scary "what-ifs", it's crazy. But then you have to temper it with "it's 99.999% that it won't happen" - so what do you do? I think you did the best you could, though it probably was not easy, and got her covered. I think you are right that you don't want her to think it's OK to go without her meds. I hope the principal understood that too, and is working with the other kids who need meds at school.
Deb (40) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, DS (1) fearless and bottomless, peanut allergy
mrswhitecastle replied to seeit2's response:
I am really happy with our school nurse!

I went to talk to the nurse just to make sure everything was fine with our plan. She said that it has been tweaked a bit. She would take Emily's EpiPen and give it directly to the bus driver. The bus driver would then give me the Epi when she dropped Emily off. The nurse also said she would make sure the driver was properly trained on the admin of the Epi.

Sounds like a good policy to me! When we had talked with Emily before, she was nervous about handling her meds. Something we will probably start working on, but for now, I really like the plan we have in place.
Emily (7 - allergic to tree nuts) Elizabeth (5)
seeit2 replied to mrswhitecastle's response:
Awesome. I'm glad you got it all worked out OK!
Deb (40) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, DS (1) fearless and bottomless, peanut allergy

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