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    My dog has food allergies
    seeit2 posted:
    Is it April Fools' day? My poor Golden mix has a hard time living in his own skin, scratching and licking holes in himself. We had him allergy tested thinking he was allergic to grass or the carpet or something. Turns out he is allergic to 18 environmental allergens like grass, tree pollen etc but he is also allergic to milk, peanuts, soybeans, and beef. And cotton, of all things. So our boy is officially a member of the family. We joked that we should just pull a chair up at the table for him lol.
    Deb (40) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, DS (1) fearless and bottomless, peanut allergy
    crunk05177 responded:
    OMG! Well at least he was lucky enough to be brought into your family. WOW LOL!
    seeit2 replied to crunk05177's response:
    Actually my vet says it is becoming really common to find pets reacting to foods and the environment. And Goldens are known for having skin problems. But I have been in denial about the whole thing for years, giving doggie Benedryl when it got really bad and otherwise ignoring it because I couldn't deal with the thought of yet another allergic life form in my house. This vet finally looked me in the eye and basically said "stop being an idiot and get him tested." Now I"m glad I did- and I know the poor dog is too lol.
    Deb (40) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, DS (1) fearless and bottomless, peanut allergy
    mrswhitecastle replied to seeit2's response:
    Ironically, we had a dog with allergies, too! Ours was a pug, who are also known to have skin issues. When we switched to a dog food good for food allergies, his scratching got so much better. However, he then developed kidney stones, so we had to stop that. We eventually just gave him steroids daily. We knew that they would shorten his life, but we figured a shorter, better quality life was worth it. We finally did have to put him down. Even with his steroids and uber-expensive dog food, he would still wake up in the morning with bleeding sores from itching and biting so much during the night. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

    Hopefully you can find something that works really well for your pooch!
    Emily (7 - allergic to tree nuts) Elizabeth (5)
    seeit2 replied to mrswhitecastle's response:
    Yeah, that's how it was with us too - we actually coned him every night to stop him from chewing himself up. And then it got to the point where when we took the thing off he would scratch his nose until it bled. I realized I couldn't let him go on that way. That's when the vet knocked me upside the head, which I deserved.

    We have actually also put him on an immune-suppressing drug, which is majorly expensive but the difference is unbelievable. He is more comfortable and happy and involved than he has been in years. We will taper the drug back to the lowest dose possible so it won't be a daily thing but it is really amazing what a difference it has made. And changing his diet will help a lot too.

    Sorry to hear about your pug. Pets bring us such joy and such sadness too...
    Deb (40) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, DS (1) fearless and bottomless, peanut allergy

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