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Cooked with natural 100% wheat bread....
Cindigal posted:
I tried this the other day just to experiment. I didn't have any bread crumbs or flour. I had some Tilapia and wanted to cook them. I shredded a few pieces of 100% whole bread and then put them in the blender and pulsed them till they were grainy. Then I melted some "I Can't Believe it's not Butter" and put the fish in it. Put the fish in a big Zip-Loc bag a few pieces at a time. Line a sheet with 5 rows of fish for about 350 deg oven for 20 mins. Put lemon wedges on the plate and I add my own sauces to dip. My faves are seafood sauce, cucumber ranch dressing, tartar sauce.
feduptwice responded:
from what i have read on the internet " i can't believe is notbutter" is not calories free.
Cindigal replied to feduptwice's response:
Every single thing you eat.....have calories....otherwise than "air" everything contains cant get away without any calories or you will starve.
feduptwice replied to Cindigal's response:
I am just wondering if using I cant believe is not butter its a good or healthy option. Did you read an ingredients list on that thing?
Elaine Magee, MPH, RD responded:
Shredding fresh bread works well as a crumb topping! Way to go. 

Here is my two cents about cooking fish in a little fat:

Ideally it seems "best" to cook fish with a little canola oil or olive oil if you need to choose a fat (because research suggests some possible food synergy between fish and components in canola oil and olive oil) but sometimes a recipe will only work with a margarine or this case certainly using a low saturated fat, no trans fat margarine (some are less fat too and some contain plant sterols) works well. When you are dipping the fish in the melted fat and than baking it, it won't be picking up gobs of the melted margarine. For those that are butter only people, whipped butter will at least take the grams of fat and saturated fat down a notch.

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