What's your best quick (but healthy) weeknight dinner dish/recipe?
Elaine Magee, MPH, RD posted:
I've been doing a killer commute lately and have been trying out some quick (but healthy) weeknight dinner ideas on my family. Because when it takes you a while to get home after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is spent a bunch of time in the kitchen.

Some of my favorite quick weeknight dinners are:

* Sloppy Joes
* BLT sandwiches (with avocado)
* Quiche (make it on Sunday and it's ready on Monday night with fruit or green salad.
* Leftover Fried Rice (this is a great one when you have leftover steamed brown rice and some grilled meat and veggies)
* Grilled Cheese on whole wheat bread with a side soup like vegetable barley or minestrone
* Breakfast for dinner (veggie omelet with avocado)

What are some of your best weeknight dinner ideas?
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
  • Fritatta (more of a a quiche. I spray a pie plate, add veggies and a bit of cheese and dump egg beaters over it)
  • "Taco salad" that generally involves no taco chips and I use a soy crumbles/bean mix for the "taco" part
  • Sub night-either low fat cold cuts or veggie subs
  • Red beans and rice
  • whole grain pasta with sauce and reduced fat cheese stirred in (known in this house as "specialty)
  • Veggie burgers
~Louise Sr Community Moderator
An_198273 responded:
Black beans over instant brown rice with avocado slices and sour cream, a side of broccoli.

When I have more time - I add some grilled chicken.
An_198274 replied to An_198273's response:
turkey burgers with a side of veggies. I spice the turkey differently each time, but I often like to add worchestire sauce and maybe mix in some shredded cheddar or feta cheese.