I missed this board
cindigal posted:
I left the board for some reason and I dont remember. Did WebMD have remodeling of the boards because I cculdn't find my posts or boards anywhere. Anyway, been busy.... I am doing crafts, which I absolutely love. I am into recycling crafts, using material around the house; cardboard, paper. I made a beautiful wreath made out of white plastic bags and then made a silver bow and draped the silver cord around the wreath. Then I hot-glued miniature ornaments around the wreath. It is sooo cute, I couldnt believe that I did that myself.

Now about cooking..... since I live alone. I will probably buy a turkey breast for myself and have it for a week. My son does live near but he goes to wifes famly in the morning early - (weird), and I go there in the afternoon. I was surprised last year when she DID NOT serve turkey when I went over there. I was expecting turkey. So, I didnt get it. I could write a book ..but that ...thats another story. I browsed "Food Network" for some awesome side dishes. I am doing is the turkey breast, cranberry relish dish. sweet potatoes, and cornbread stuffing. I have alot of my own recipes for desserts I can whip up something for that.

I will cook the breast in that morning, and i go too late at my son's house, I will eat a little, and have the rest the rest of the week.
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Good I'm glad you founds us and came back! Ahhh yes things have changed, but we are just as good!

Welcome back! Thanks for the tips on the quick meals. I could get lost in those recipes as well on other sites, but I hope to share lots on here as well, especially with the holidays coming! I want to start a cookie swap recipe so get ready to share.
cindigal replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
I have a few great cookie recipes.... let me know when you are doing the cooking swap. I get alot of them from a site called "justapinch" recipe club. Its all members that send their own recipes. I tell you the recipes they sent it and the pictures they send in you cant wait to try the dishes.