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expiration of nuts
An_198297 posted:
How long before nuts expire ? Can u become sick from eating old nuts?
EricE_MA responded:
The shelf life of nuts depends on how they are prepared and stored. The two main concerns of nuts are mold and rancidity.

Roasted nuts are much less likely to grow mold than raw nuts. Salt also helps prevent mold growth. Rancidity is prevented by minimizing exposure to light and oxygen.

You should be able to smell significant mold growth and rancidity. Do not eat the nuts if they smell or taste bad. Mold can make you ill. Rancid fats do not cause immediate illness, but may have concern for long term health.

In general, in the original package, they can be stored for about a year. After you open the package, keeping them in an airtight container extends the life and keeping them cool (refrigerated or in the freezer) extends the life.

According to walnuts stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container should be fine for at least 6 months, at room temperature, three months. Walnuts are somewhat more prone to rancidity than other nuts due to more highly unsaturated fats.
Elaine Magee, MPH, RD responded:
Hi Anon,

EricE has given you lots of great information! I've made a habit of keeping raw nuts in the refrigerator (such as walnuts and pecans). I go through them rather quickly but I would rather be extra cautious about keeping them fresh. I also keep peanut butter in the refrigerator. A while back it was peanuts in particular that had problems with aflatoxin (from mold).

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